Interactive Key to Annonaceae genera

Scratchpads are evoluving at an incredible rate. We are already at the version 2.0. Recently, they have added a great new functionality: Lucid Interactive keys. As I have had an interactive key of Annonaceae done for some time, with the help of David Johnson and based on the Couvreur et al 2012 publication, I jumped on the occasion to published it via AfroAnnons!

So now it is online and ready to use! The only thing you need to do is install JAVA and voilà! I hope it will be useful to some. Identifying genera in Annonaceae is pretty straight forward once we look at the right characters. I have added photos of key characters too, and hope this will help the identification process. On the long run I will include keys to species for each genus, but that will take some time.

Interactive Key Link

Of course, it is a work in progress and comments/corrections are welcome. So please check it out and test it over and over!

Screen Shot:


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