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In the latest issue of Systematic Botany, Dr. Bine and colleagues (2014) have taken care of yet another bunch of Polyalthia species (four of them) and the genus Fitzlandia. Molecular data has long shown that this later genus was nested within the lovely Meiogyne genus (Mols et al. 2004; Xue et al. 2011, Thomas et al. 2012) . In the current paper and base on the most comprehensive phylogeny (molecular and morphological) of this genus to date, the authors have transferred four Polyalthia species and the two Fitzlandia species to Meiogyne. The genus has now 24 species in total. These new changes are now reflected in the World Annonaceae classification. I see we do not have many photos for this genus or of Fitzlandia, so people are welcome to add some!

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