Taxonomic revision of the African genera Brieya and Piptostigma (Annonaceae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2017
Authors:J. - P. Ghogue, Sonké, B., Couvreur, T. L. P.
Journal:Plant Ecology and Evolution
Start Page:173

Background and aims – Annonaceae are an important family in tropical rain forests of Africa. Here, we present a revision of the west-central African genus Piptostigma of the tribe Piptostigmateae. Previous molecular phylogenetic analyses of Piptostigmateae have revealed that the genus as currently circumscribed is paraphyletic. The aims of the article are: (1) to clarify the generic delimitation of the genus Piptostigma, especially in relation to its current polyphyletic delimitation; (2) to provide a new updated key to the genera of tribe Piptostigmateae; and (3) to provide for the first time in over 100 years a complete taxonomic revision of genera Brieya and Piptostigma.

Material and methods – Normal practices of herbarium taxonomy were used for the morphological study of about 200 specimens from B, BR, BRLU, G, HBG, K, L, LBV, LISC, MO, P, U, US, WAG, YA and Z. We sequenced three plastid regions for 32 samples representing 26 ingroup (Piptostigmateae) and six outgroup species in order to explore the paraphyly of Piptostisma. The open source software QGis was used to generate the distribution maps of the species and their conservation status was obtained using the IUCN categories and criteria.

Key results – Molecular and morphological evidence support the reinstatement of the genus Brieya De Wild. Three keys are presented, one to the genera of Piptostigmateae and the two others to the species of Brieya and Piptostigma. A total of thirteen species are described for Piptostigma and two for the genus Brieya. Four new species are presented for the genus Piptostigma: P. macrophyllum, P. mayndongtsaeanum, P. goslineanum and P. submontanum.

Taxonomic name: 
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