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Annonaceae is an ecologically important tropical plant family of ca. 2500 species and 107 genera occurring in South East Asia, Malay archipelago, New Guinea, Pacific islands, Australia, India, Africa Madagascar, Neotropics and North America. Here, we provide taxonomic, distribution and photographic information for a large number of species. An overview of all Annonaceae genera following the classification of Chatrou et al. (2012) is provided, and where possible, detailed information about species. Keys and interactive Keys (IntKeys) are also available. This website is never finished, it will always continue to change and grow.

The website is divided into several menus that allow the user to browse different content types such as photos, literature, keys, species names etc.

The overarching objective of World Annonaceae is to gather data in a global collaborative and dynamic way. Everybody (researchers, students, amateurs) who is validly registered (see login on top right) can submit data, edit and create pages, correct erroneous identifications/text and much more. World Annonaceae can even be used as a platform for large scale projects and to directly submit articles and data to Biodiversity Data Journal.

Caution! Species numbers are not complete! for a lot of genera they are not accurate. Please do not use for analyses etc.

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