Miliusa cambodgensis sp. nov. (Annonaceae) from Cambodia and M. astiana, M. ninhbinhensis spp. nov. from Vietnam

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2014
Authors:T. Chaowasku, KeßLer P. J. A.
Journal:Nordic Journal of BotanyNordic Journal of Botany
ISBN Number:1756-1051

The genus Miliusa in Cambodia and Vietnam is reviewed. Cambodia and Vietnam each harbors six species of Miliusa, including three which are described as new to science: one from Cambodia (Miliusa cambodgensis sp. nov.), the other two from Vietnam (M. astiana and M. ninhbinhensis spp. nov.). In addition, a complete nomenclature and relevant information about the Miliusa species previously known from Cambodia and Vietnam are provided, including keys to the Cambodian and Vietnamese species, the designation of a lectotype for M. baillonii and the synonymization of M. balansae var. elongatoides, M. chunii and M. sinensis with M. balansae.

Short Title:Nord J Bot
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