Annonaceae in the Western Pacific: geographic patterns and four new species

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2017
Authors:I. M. Turner, Utteridge T. M. A.
Journal:European Journal of Taxonomy
Date Published:jul
Keywords:Drepananthus, Huberantha, Meiogyne, MONOON, Samoa, Solomon Islands

The taxonomy and distribution of Pacific Annonaceae are reviewed in light of recent changes in generic delimitations. A new species of the genus Monoon from the Solomon Archipelago is described, Monoon salomonicum I.M.Turner & Utteridge sp. nov., together with an apparently related new species from New Guinea, Monoon pachypetalum I.M.Turner & Utteridge sp. nov. The confirmed presence of the genus in the Solomon Islands extends the generic range eastward beyond New Guinea. Two new species of Huberantha are described, Huberantha asymmetrica I.M.Turner & Utteridge sp. nov. and Huberantha whistleri I.M.Turner & Utteridge sp. nov., from the Solomon Islands and Samoa respectively. New combinations are proposed: Drepananthus novoguineensis (Baker f.) I.M.Turner & Utteridge comb. nov., Meiogyne punctulata (Baill.) I.M.Turner & Utteridge comb. nov. and Monoon merrillii (Kaneh.) I.M.Turner & Utteridge comb. nov. One neotype and four lectotypes are designated. The geographic patterns exhibited by nine native Annonaceae genera, that range in the Pacific beyond New Guinea, are discussed.

Taxonomic name: 
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