Taxonomic revision of the African genus Greenwayodendron (Annonaceae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2018
Authors:B. - J. Lissambou, Hardy, O. J., Atteke, C., Stevart, T., Dauby, G., Mbatchi, B., Sonke, B., Couvreur, T. L. P.
Date Published:dec

Greenwayodendron (Annonaceae) is a tropical African genus of trees occurring mainly in rain forests. Until recently, Greenwayodendron contained only two species: Greenwayodendron oliveri from West Africa and Greenwayodendron suaveolens from Central and East Africa. Genetic data, using chloroplast haplotypes and nuclear microsatellites as well as morphometric analyses, provided important information on the delineation of species. Greenwayodendron now contains six species, including two new species (Greenwayodendron glabrum Lissambou, Hardy & Couvreur, sp. nov. and Greenwayodendron littorale Lissambou, Dauby & Couvreur, sp. nov.). Greenwayodendron suaveolens var. gabonica and Greenwayodendron suaveolens subsp. usambaricum are recognised as distinct species: Greenwayodendron gabonicum comb. nov. and Greenwayodendron usambaricum comb. nov., respectively. A key, detailed descriptions of morphology and geographic distributions, as well as notes on their ecology and uses are presented for all species. Preliminary conservation assessments following IUCN criteria are also provided. Two species are preliminarily identified as threatened, one as Endangered and one as Vulnerable.

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