A revised taxonomy for Uvaria (Annonaceae) in continental Asia

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2018
Authors:C. V. Meade, Parnell J. A. N.
Journal:Australian Systematic Botany
Date Published:dec

This paper presents a revision of Uvaria L. (Annonaceae) in continental Asia and outlying islands, north of the Thailand–Malaysia border, on the basis of a combination of new morphological analyses and recent phylogenetic data. Two new taxonomic groupings are defined within the genus in Asia on the basis of detailed morphological character analysis in \textasciitilde1800 specimens. Stamen and carpel structure are shown to be significantly more informative than calyx and corolla characters for subgeneric differentiation, and reliably discriminate basal and derived radiations when mapped onto recent molecular phylogenies for the genus in Asia. Thirty-three species and species varieties are recognised within Uvaria in continental Asia, incorporating taxa formerly assigned to Anomianthus Zoll., Cyathostemma Griff., Ellipeia Hook.f. & Thomson, Ellipeiopsis R.E.Fr. and Dasoclema J.Sinclair. Four new combinations are proposed, and outstanding taxonomic, nomenclatural and typification issues are resolved for included taxa. Keys for both flowering and fruiting material are included, and distribution data are provided for all taxa.

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