Twelve new and exciting Annonaceae from the Neotropics

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2019
Authors:P. J. M. Maas, Westra, L. T. Y., Chatrou, L. W., Verspagen, N., Rainer, H., Zamora, N. A., Erkens, R. H. J.
Date Published:jul

As a result of concerted efforts of the community of Annonaceae taxonomists, increasingly detailed knowledge of the diversity of the Neotropical genera has been documented. With the exception of just two large genera, Annona and Xylopia, all Neotropical Annonaceae have been revised within the last 25 years. Subsequent to these publications, many new specimens have been collected and sent to us in Leiden for identification. These included a number that, despite the advanced state of taxonomic knowledge, proved to represent rarely collected, undescribed species. Here we describe 12 new species of Annona, Guatteria, Klarobelia, Tetrameranthus, and Xylopia. These species serve to illustrate the still underestimated diversity of the Neotropical flora, even in well studied plant groups like Annonaceae.

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