Revision of Piptostigma revised, Brieya resurrected and 4 new species from Wed, 2017-07-19 09:34

The revision of Brieya and Piptostigma from Africa is published in Plant Ecology and Evolution.

In this revision we use molecular phylogenetics and morphological charcters to reinstate the genus Brieya from Piptostigma. Brieya is currently composed of two species (one wide spread B. fasciculata) and one narrow endemic from northern Angola with a prelimanry conservation status of Critally Endangered. Piptostigma now has 13 species, 4 of which are newly described in this revision. Interestingly, all species occour in Cameroon, and are mainly restruicted to Cenrtral Africa. The taxonomy of this genus remains complicated especially because of a very variable inflorescence structure but small morphological differences in the flowers.

Citation: Ghogue, J.-P., Sonké, B., & Couvreur, T.L.P. (2017) Taxonomic revision of the African genera Brieya and Piptostigma (Annonaceae). Plant Ecology and Evolution, 150, 173–216.

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