First Scratchpad Trainning in Yaoundé Cameroon

Today, Monday 16th of September, we organized the first ever Scratchpad Training course in Yaoundé. It was financed by the Ambassadors Program of the Scratchpad project. It was co hosted by the Universté de Yaoundé I, and was held at the Agence Université pour la Francophie. On this first day we had 15 participants. Some were researchers; many were PhD students or prospective Phd students and some where master level students.  Tomorrow (the last course) we expect the same number.
The course was given by Dr. Dimitris Koureas and Dr. Ed Baker from the Natural History Museum in London, and assisted by myself (Thomas Couvreur).
Overall the course was a great success helping promote Scratchpads and biodiversity publishing in Cameroon.
Incidentally this course coincided with the launch of the revolutionizing Biodiversity Data Journal, and fully integrated publishing system which will accelerate the dissemination of biodiversity data on a global scale. More by following the links.

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